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To calculate square inches, multiply the length x width of your quilt in inches.

Minimum quilting charge $50

Large Meandering pattern - $0.015/sq.in

Edge to Edge 1 (simple open designs) - $.0175/sq.in.

Edge to Edge 2 (higher density designs) - $.02/sq.in. 

Custom Quilting - $.04/sq.in and up


Additional services at $25 per hour

Rush charge $50 and up


Full color spectrum of 100% cotton thread available. 

Signature 100% Cotton Machine Quilting Thread - $1.00/bobbin  Color chart can be viewed here:  http://www.amefird.com/colorchart_sigquilting_cotton.htm

Signature 100% Cotton Variegated Quilting Thread - $1.75/bobbin  Color chart can be viewed here:  http://www.amefird.com/variegated_color_chart.htm

Superior King Tut Specialty Quilting Thread - $2.00/bobbin  Color chart can be viewed here:  http://www.superiorthreads.com/index.php?page=shop.browse&category_id=17&option=com_phpshop&Itemid=88**


Color Change - $2 each

**While I do have most of the King Tut threads currently in stock, I don't yet have them all.  I have been gradually building up to carrying them all.  If you want your quilt quilted with a King Tut thread that I don't currently have in stock, I will be happy to order it.  Please keep in mind that this might add a few days to the quilting time in order to get the thread shipment in. 




Batting Available:

     *Quilters Dream Blend (70% Cotton/30% Poly blend) - $7.50/yard

     *Warm and Natural 100% Cotton - 124 inches wide to accomodate king sized quilts - $10/yard

     *Quilters Dream Wool - 100% Fine Merino Wool Mid Loft Batting *Luxurious* - $14/yard


Prices effective January 3, 2011
Prices subject to change without notice

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